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Lex Assisto Journal On Socio-Legal & Political Affairs (ISSN In-Process) is an Online Journal which is bi-monthly, Peer Review, Academic Journal, published online, that seeks to provide an interactive forum for the publication of articles in the field of Socio-Legal, Political and Multi-disciplinary affairs of our society. We welcome submissions from academicians, practitioners, students, researchers, judges and experts from around the Nation.


We are of the opinion that in bringing definite reforms in the present Legal Educational System, by bringing out some of the most outstanding submissions of our young generation with a great blazing minds. The Journal believes that every issue or every aspect of the law related to society and political affairs are very important in nature. Therefore, it does not emphasize on a particular theme of law. All the contributors can submit their submission on any theme related to the field of Law, Society, Political Affairs and Multi-disciplinary issue.


A short abstract should be between 150 to 300 words that outline the main question or theme addressed in the paper is required to be sent along with the submission.


The Lex Assisto Journal On Socio-Legal & Political Affairs (ISSN In-Process) invites original, unpublished content from all academician, authors, legal professionals and students from across the globe, under the following categories-
  • Short Articles: (1500-3000 words, including footnotes)
  • Long Articles: (3000-6000 words, including footnotes)
  • Book Reviews: (1500-3500 words, including footnotes)
  • Case Comments: (2000-3000 words, including footnotes)
  • Research Papers: (6000-10,000 words, including footnotes)


The system of citation which is expected to be followed by the contributors is BLUEBOOK 19th Edition.


The submission must be formatted according to the following specifications:


      • The submission must be word processed and font in Times New Roman.
      • The main text should be in font size 12.
      • A line spacing of 1.5 should be followed for the main text.
      • All text should be justified.


      • The footnotes must be in Times New Roman font.
      • The footnotes shall be in font size 10.
      • A line spacing 1.0 for the footnotes is to followed.
      • All the footnotes should be justified.


All the submission submitted for the publication to Lex Assisto Journal On Socio-Legal & Political Affairs (ISSN In-Process) must be plagiarism free. We may use any software to find out the plagiarism. But it is the duty of the contributors to assure the originality before the submission.
[NOTE: Lex Assisto Journal On Socio-Legal & Political Affairs (ISSN In-Process) shall not be liable for any plagiarism or copyright issue.]


 A maximum of one co-author is allowed.


Step One  Download Copyright Agreement Form, sign the form, and upload the same while submitting your paper.
Step Two – Submit your paper, Click here to submit.


In case if you have any doubt or query about the entire Journal then feel free to contact us at: +91-8504951904.
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