Discrimination of Women at Workplace

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Women being the most capable person will have the major impact in all the people around. From olden days till date women have played an important role in development and modernization. The history clearly says that in most of the events women was a part. During olden days women had power more than man in many societies or at least treated equally in most of the parts of the world, but these never lasted for many years. In majority of times women were under the men’s power and were treated at very low level. And in many places this still exist.

When Christianity was spreading around the world through many missionaries women got opportunity to get education which was prohibited before that in many societies due to various reasons. And the freedom struggle of many nations witnessed active participation of women and that had greater impact also. Slowly when globalization took place women across the world stood up for one another. Globally women rights and need for protecting them from violence was recognized by many nations. This recognition has resulted in adoption of various agreements, declarations and conventions by nations. Now all nations are working towards the protection of women and ensuring them equal opportunity as men.

In the present situation women are playing a vital role in globalizations and development of society. Women are placed in many fields and are also excelling in those fields. Same way many multi-national companies (MNC’s) have employed women. But that doesn’t mean the discrimination or violence against them have been stopped. Women are still getting discriminated in many corporates. The popular opinion about corporates is that both Men and Women are treated equally but the truth is not that. The most gender discrimination exists in the so called “Corporate World”.

Discrimination at Workplace

A woman faces various kinds of discrimination at the work place especially in corporates they are as follows:

Promotions or Higher Positions

This is the most important discrimination for women in workplace. Compared to men even women put equal efforts and does each work with dedication but that doesn’t show up at the point of getting promotions and higher scale of pay. Men generally get higher scale of pay compared to women; the main reason behind this factor is nothing but promotions and higher position where men are given preference. This not only exist in developing or under developed countries, this discrimination of giving preference to men in comparison to women during promotions or employment at higher prostitution are also found the most developed countries such as United States of America and United Kingdom. Across the globe people think that men can concentrate more on work and put greater efforts than women. This ideology is common with many people as they think women cannot balance both work and personal life, as they have majority work in home. For this very reason women are discriminated at the time of employment for higher position and during promotions.

Appreciations and Rewards

The appreciations in work are not only just words of appreciation. Works of appreciations are given to any person who does work but the appreciations and rewards reflect in higher scale of pay and promotions. These reflections are not generally provided much for women. Though women put lots of efforts in work people they don’t get much recognition. And if the task completed was a group work the women’s individual work and efforts are never recognized. 

Workload and Participation

Though the above point’s shows that women are not get placed in higher positions still the workload for them is not less. Women work equally to men or sometimes put lots of efforts and work harder than men. The works assigned are also equal for women in corporates as men. Except maternity benefits no other special benefits are given. Overtime and group tasks are equally performed by women, at times even a day off or permissions for some important events are not permitted though the result is for all this hard work are not positive.

Pregnancy Discrimination

During pregnancy women don’t get many opportunities and the maternity benefit leave which is claimed by women are not helpful at times of promotions. Though it’s compulsory under the legislation still the gap they take reflects in their working environment and this makes women career life much back than men.


As said earlier women are paid less compared to men as they are not placed in higher positions and are restricted from various promotions. This makes the women’s career growth very slow in comparison to men.


Violence against women exists even in corporates. Mental, physical and even sexual violence against them still exist. Though they work hard, put lots of efforts still there are people with low ideologies to treat women as a sex object. The people with such ideologies are treating not only for the working atmosphere but also for the society. This makes women to not get many promotions, some shift their career and some just stop their career.

Social Comments

The social comments are nothing other than body shaming and treating people without the moral ethics. Through corporates is a place where all educated people exist still they does these. And this happens majorly for women and this breaks the self-confidence of women. This ultimately has effect in the career development of women.

Language or Living Conditions

This discrimination is more or less equal to the earlier one. Women coming from law background or from rural area are subjected to many social comments. And these women are the women who face much sexual violence at work place. This creates insecurity in women are makes them to lose confidence and even discontinue in work.

These are the various discriminations faced by women; though globally women rights are protected through various agreements, conventions, and declaration still this exist. Each nation has also created many legislation protecting women in work place though all has effect the basic discriminations exist in many corporates. In general people think women gets equal opportunity but the reality is really not so. Though women are present in every field and doing their work properly the recognition is the basic discrimination faced by them and this result in other discriminations. Thus when the work of women are recognized properly they would be placed in the most important positions which will eliminate other discriminations existing in corporates.

Written By

W.V. Sophia Stella Sargunam

School of Excellence In Law, TNDALU

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