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Lex Assisto Journal On Socio-Legal & Political Affairs (ISSN In-Process) is an Online Journal which is bi-monthly, Peer Review, Academic Journal, published online, that seeks to provide an interactive forum for the publication of articles in the field of Socio-Legal, Political and Multi-disciplinary affairs of our society. We welcome submissions from academicians, practitioners, students, researchers, judges and experts from around the Nation.


We are of the opinion that in bringing definite reforms in the present Legal Educational System, by bringing out some of the most outstanding submissions of our young generation with a great blazing minds. The Journal believes that every issue or every aspect of the law related to society and political affairs are very important in nature. Therefore, it does not emphasize on a particular theme of law. All the contributors can submit their submission on any theme related to the field of Law, Society, Political Affairs and Multi-disciplinary issue.

Submission/ Registration/ Application details:

1. The word limit for the manuscripts should be between 1000-1500 words.
2. The manuscripts must be word-processed, single-spaced in Times New Roman, font size 12 and justified.
3. Co-authorship is allowed up to two authors.
4. References should be incorporated by way of either endnotes or hyperlinks, and in a uniform format.
5. The submission must be the original and unpublished work of the contributor.
6. Every submission must be accompanied with an undertaking confirming the same and clearly stating that the author shall be solely responsible for any intellectual property rights violations that may arise out of the publication of the manuscript submitted.
7. Rights of publication shall lie with the Editorial Board of the JSLPA Blog.
8. The editorial process and decision to publish / reject takes around 05 – 07 days. Any publication is subject to timely changes being made according to the comments and suggestions of the editorial board.
9. A manuscript once accepted for publication on the JSLPA Blog may be cross-posted upon permission of the JSLPA Editorial Board. This is subject to the condition that such cross-posting should necessarily acknowledge its publication in the JSLPA Blog.
10. All submissions must be sent via Google Form: Click Here.
For further clarifications, please reach out to us at [email protected] or contact: +91 7903553814, 8504951904
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